Thesis in library science

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Thesis in library science

Overview The requirement for the MLISc degree under the thesis option is a minimum of 39 credit hours of approved graduate study.

Students may not take more than total of 6 credits of LIS Students may also not count more than a total of 9 credit hours in LIS and LIS to meet the minimum number of credits required. Students must be enrolled in at least 1 credit hour of LIS Thesis Research in the semester they intend to graduate.

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One of these courses might be the research methods course. Dual degree students may only pursue the thesis option if LIS is their primary degree. For complete information, including a sample course plan, procedures, committee membership requirements, and thesis evaluation criteria, please download and review the Thesis Policy PDF and the Thesis Timeline PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions What is a thesis? A thesis is a Thesis in library science of original research that addresses a question in a formal way.

It demonstrates your ability to articulate a problem of interest to the LIS community, apply and critically analyze relevant literature, design and execute a research plan, analyze the data you found, and discuss its implications.

Why should I consider doing a thesis? You might benefit from the thesis experience if you are considering a Ph. Also, if you plan to work in an academic library you may be required to conduct and publish research.

Thesis in library science

On the other hand, if you are interested in a particular topic and wish to explore it in depth, you should probably start with an independent study project via LISwhich is much more flexible. What is the timeline for completion? You must be enrolled in at least 1 credit of LIS Thesis Research in the semester you intend to graduate.

How long does it have to be? A thesis is much more in-depth than a class paper or research article, and while expectations are very much project-dependent and set by the thesis committee, most theses range between pages.

Who do I work with? A thesis is developed and undertaken under the supervision of a committee consisting of three or more faculty members. A majority, including the chair, must be LIS faculty. The UHM Office of Graduate Education maintains a list of faculty who are eligible to chair and serve on thesis committees.

How do I get faculty members to work with me?

Thesis in library science

Faculty members participate on thesis committees at their discretion. Just like students, they have different interests, philosophies and time demands that may preclude them from working with you.

The best thing you can do is to articulate your interest in considering a thesis as early as possible during your time in the LIS Program, and not later than two semesters before you plan to graduate.

Your advisor can steer you toward courses that will demonstrate your ability to conduct research, and faculty members who may be receptive to working with you. What theses have previous LIS students completed? Toward a Hawaiian Knowledge Organization System: The Manuscripts of Timbuktu: Armed Conflict and Preservation of Memory.

A Discourse on Shadows: Archive Ideals and Ideal Archives.A comparison of the roles of the school library media specialist and the computer/technology teacher within the same school environment in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System Ph.D.

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