Rear window vs disturbia

Many movies have been made through these years on the issue of voyeurism but two movies under the suspense thriller genre that have greatly caught my attention are Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock and Disturbia by D. Many have complained that Disturbia was a rip-off of Rear Window and even a lawsuit was filed against the makers of Disturbia on September 5, Wikipedia.

Rear window vs disturbia

Plot[ edit ] Troubled by the death of his father in an auto accident, Kale Brecht attacks his Spanish teacher when the teacher invokes his father while reprimanding him. For the assault, he is sentenced by a sympathetic judge to three months under house arrest with an ankle monitor and a proximity sensor.

Detective Parker explains the system to Kale and his mother Julie. Initially, the teen just plays video games, but he is soon grounded by Julie and loses his access to the iTunes Music StoreXbox Liveand his television. Kale's boredom leads him to watch the neighborhood, including the two neighbor boys who play pranks on him, his next-door neighbor Robert Turner, and Rear window vs disturbia Carlson, the new girl in town.

One night, Kale becomes suspicious of Turner, who returns home in a s Ford Mustang with a dented fender that matches the description given on a news report of a serial killer at large.

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Kale's best friend Ronnie visits to spy on Ashley and, when they accidentally alert her to their hijinks, the curious girl joins them in spying on Turner. Kale observes a young woman Turner had picked up from a nightclub as she flees the house in a panic but later appears to leave in her car.

Ashley throws a party and teases Kale, knowing he is watching. He plays non-party music loudly to needle her, and Ashley comes over to stop it. But the two flirt and start to make out, distracting each other while blood splatters on Turner's windows.

Later, as Kale and Ashley watch, Turner drags a heavy bag to his garage. Kale gets Ashley to follow Turner, but he confronts her in her car with a calm, but threatening manner.

Meanwhile, Ronnie successfully breaks into Turner's garage with a camera but gets trapped when the garage door closes. Kale leaves to rescue him but alerts the police upon leaving his property with the ankle monitor. The police come and search the garage but show Kale the bag contains a roadkill deer.

Julie then goes across the street to talk to Turner to ask him not to press charges, while Ronnie reveals that he has escaped from Turner's house. When Kale watches the tape Ronnie made in Turner's house, he notices a dead body in plastic in a vent.

Next door, Turner takes Julie captive and enters Kale's house, knocking out Ronnie and binding and gagging Kale. The killer reveals his plan to frame Kale for the murders of Ronnie and Julie and make it appear Kale then committed suicide.

When Ashley arrives, interrupting the plan, the two teens barricade themselves in a room, where Ashley unties Kale, and they flee out a window. Kale's ankle monitor again alerts the police, and he enters Turner's home to search for his mother.

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In a hidden room, Kale finds ample evidence of Turner's previous murders. The officer who monitors Kale arrives at the scene but is killed by Turner.

Kale stumbles upon the decaying remains of murder victims and finds his mother bound and gagged. Turner appears and, in the ensuing confrontation, Kale fatally stabs him with a pair of gardening shears. In the aftermath, Kale is shown having his ankle bracelet removed by the authorities for good behavior, getting back at the two boys from earlier pranks and making out with Ashley on his sofa, while Ronnie is playfully video taping them.

Cast[ edit ] Shia LaBeouf as Kale Brecht, a grounded high school student who is also under house arrest and begins to suspect that his neighbor is a serial killer. David Morse as Robert Turner, Kale's neighbor who is suspected of being a serial killer. Sarah Roemer as Ashley Carlson, Kale's neighbor and love interest who assists in Kale's mission to get to the truth.

Carrie-Anne Moss as Julie Brecht, Kale's mother who begins to develop a more authoritative attitude towards him. Aaron Yoo as Ronnie Chu, Kale's best friend. Viola Davis as Detective Parker, the detective in charge of Kale's case. Matt Craven as Daniel Brecht, Kale's father.

Rear window vs disturbia

Kevin Quinn as Mr. Elyse Mirto as Mrs. Suzanne Rico and Kent Shocknek as news anchors. Amanda Walsh as Minnie Tyco. Charles Carroll as Judge. Gillian Shure as Turner's Club Girl.But Rear Window also demonstrates how prone Hitchcock was to overlong opening sequences, expository dialogue and misogyny.

Rear Window opens with a gorgeous crane shot of the claustrophobically condensed neighborhood in which the entirety of the film transpires. For a better experience, we recommend disabling your ad blocker. 1 Comment on Disturbia () -vs- Rear Window () Scott Baradell August 8, at am I dragged my wife to Disturbia at the theater, and we both ended up impressed by it.

The weather cleared up and we had a beautiful sunset. It appears that there is a large ship right in front of the setting sun, but a zoom in reveals one large lonely cloud blocking the actual images to enlarge.

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