Outline of elvis presley research paper

How has an industry grown to become a 32 billion dollars a year machine? Ill tell ou how, by scouting new talents from each and every corner of the world to bring us the music that each of us desires.

Outline of elvis presley research paper

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Today's Elvis Presley's birthday. Were he still alive he'd be If you were born anytime after the Vietnam War ended you probably don't really understand why he was such a huge deal, much as you probably wouldn't think a Model T Ford was such a big deal, as cars go. To you he's a schlocky punch line.

Thanks to whoever approves such products as Elvis hula lamps and Elvis toilet seat covers I can see why you think that.

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The whole point of Elvis, though, is that he was the first to kick the door open. Pointy-headed rock critics quibble endlessly about who recorded the "first" real rock and roll, reaching as far back as Louis Jordan and earlier.

Usually what they bring forward as the "first" rock record, "Rocket 88" or whatever, is an exemplar of one strain of influence on what became rock itself, like someone claiming either oxygen or hydrogen was "the first water.

Elvis was the first one who brought the primary influences of rock 'n' roll -- being country and western on one side and rhythm 'n' blues on the other, his records were first played on black radio stations and first charted on country charts -- together, and used his personality and charisma, essential qualities quickly forgotten by those who focus on minutiae and lose the big picture, to create a new cultural phenomenon the likes of which hasn't been created since.

Think of him as the test tube where all the right amounts of the right chemicals for the right explosion were combined for the first time. Slice and dice it any way you want to, there's no getting around Elvis Presley from to as the founder and the most important figure in rock history -- the one who made "race records," as music by black artists was called then, respectable to white audiences, and brought what were dismissed as "hillbilly" records to public awareness.

You know "hillbilly" as "country" today. But there's the actual matter of the records, the vast majority of which are little more than money-generating dreck.

Outline of elvis presley research paper

Here's what you do to understand what the big deal is: Listen to the Sun sessions, available on iTunes. They'll sound quaint, tame and unexciting today.

Outline of elvis presley research paper

So listen to any other popular charting records from toand listen to the charting records inand on. You'll begin to get an idea what the big deal with Elvis was. Get his debut album, titled simply Elvis Presley, with the green and pink lettering.

Try to find any worthwhile rock act since with no influences drawn from that album.

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Get those songs you've heard the names of -- "Jailhouse Rock," "Hound Dog," "Don't Be Cruel," "All Shook Up," et al, and for comparison's sake listen to other pop records from those years.Series Elvis Presley Interviews and Research contains materials related to Elvis Presley, including transcribed interviews; photocopied correspondence, clippings, and printed materials collected by Guralnick; and research notes written by Guralnick and others, Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis - Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis Research Paper explores the performance styles and music of two of the greatest figures.

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Quote: "Elvis Presley is the greatest cultural force in the 20th century." (Leonard Bernstein). Phd research paper eating disorders best from a paper on using the united states, a persuasive essay assignment.

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