A biography of henry enrique estrada

His father was an English immigrant.

A biography of henry enrique estrada

InEstrada co-starred with George C.

A biography of henry enrique estrada

InEstrada took part in the disaster film, Airportwhere he played a role as the flight engineer on a Boeing His character was killed in a midair collision. Two years later, he was a player in the military historical epic Midwayas a fictional airman Ens.

Inhe began training in martial arts with SeishinDo Kenpo instructor Frank Argelander Frank Landersto prepare for a two-part episode of the series.

The two appeared on the cover of Fighting Stars Magazine that same year, discussing Estrada's training regimen. CHiPs was eventually canceled in In the s, Estrada appeared in a string of low-budget films. He made a return to series television in a three-part episode of the police drama Hunter.

In the s, Estrada played the role of Johnny, a Tijuana trucker, in the Televisa telenovela Dos mujeres, un camino "Two women, one road". Originally slated for episodes, the show went to plus episodes and became the biggest telenovela in Latin American history. He has also been seen on a few episodes of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch as himself, seen in a daydream cloud in Hilda's mind and driving a car as Hilda zapped herself in his car.

InEstrada wrote his autobiography, Erik Estrada: My Road from Harlem to Hollywood.

A biography of henry enrique estrada

He also made a guest appearance on an episode of Spy TV in He has also had a regular role doing voiceovers for the Cartoon Network show Sealabwhere he would parody himself.

He also appeared in an episode of another Cartoon Network show, Space Ghost: Estrada has also guest-starred on the children's cartoon Maya and Miguel. Estrada began appearing in Burger King TV commercials in September where he attended a class on endorsing products led by race car driver Tony Stewart.

During the spoof, Estrada seeks to understand why American consumers were not interested in purchasing his "Estrada" sunglasses that noticeably had his last name written boldly across the lens. Erik Estrada was contestant on the second season of the Spanish Univision reality show Mira Quien Baila, where 10 contestants are chosen to perform different styles of dancing, and each Sunday, one of them is eliminated.

Inhe starred in Finding Faith, a film about a young teenager who is kidnapped from a meeting planned online. The story of sexual predation is based on true incidents investigated by the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

Estrada toured with the film, aiming to educate parents and young people about the dangers of online grooming.

He has made numerous appearances supporting automobile child-seat safety checks across the country. In the course of his duties, Estrada has been filmed patrolling on a police motorcycle.

Rise to Stardom Unlike many characters he's played, Estrada doesn't speak Spanish, so his lines were fed to him over an earphone during production.
Early Life InEstrada co-starred with George C.

InEstrada married film sound technician [16] Nanette Mirkovich. They have one daughter, Francesca Natalia bornan aspiring actress.Biography: Henry Enrique "Erik" Estrada is an American police officer and actor, known for his co-starring lead role in the United States police television series CHiPs.

He later became known for his work in Spanish language telenovelas, and in more recent years, his appearances in reality television shows and infomercials and as a Occupation: Actor. Hilltop Realty. Home SiteMap. Hilltop Realty Tres Pinos, Suite F, Hollister, CA CA DRE License Number: Enrique "Henry" Estrada GRI Hilltop Realty.

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Guest performers are always invited and so far have included Marilyn Manson, . Erik Estrada was born on March 16, in New York City, New York, USA as Henry Enrique Estrada. He is an actor and producer, known for CHiPs (), Loaded Weapon 1 () and Sealab (). He has been married to Nanette Mirkovich since September 20, Carlism (Basque: Karlismo; Catalan: Carlisme; Galician: Carlismo; Spanish: Carlismo) is a Traditionalist and legitimist political movement in Spain seeking to take the Spanish throne for a line of the Bourbon dynasty descended from Don Carlos, Count of Molina (–).

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Erik Estrada was born on March 16, , in New York City, New York as Henry Enrique Estrada. He is the son of Carmen Moreno, a seamstress, and Renildo Estrada. He is the son of Carmen Moreno, a seamstress, and Renildo Estrada.

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